By dogwithnobrain

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind

I cannot tell you how much this packet of Jazzies upsets me. 

Where are all the brilliant colours?   The colours that were not born of anything natural? 

When I was pregnant with Boy, I had just started a new job, didn't tell them I was pregnant (it was a bit of a shock to me too), but I spent the first month running like fury to the toilet on my arrival every morning to vomit (after I had vomited at least three times on the road on the way in). 

After a month, the boss said to me, "Don't like to be sexist - but you've never once offered to make coffee", I looked at him and had to run to the toilet. The mention of coffee made me sick, and then I had to tell him the awful news.  I was actually a replacement for maternity who never came back.

Hey ho - at least they knew and now they knew why I would run exceptionally quickly to the toilet at all hours of the day. I think they just thought I was a bit weak-bladdered. 

One afternoon - I had a particularly violent vomiting. (Don't get me wrong they were all pretty bad, and happened not only in the morning but mid-morning, lunchtime, afternoon, and evening)... but as I lay on the floor in the loo, I gazed in horror down the toilet at the multicolored vomit I had produced. 

I decided I must have ripped my stomach and everything was leaking out of me. 

Not so. I remembered as I cried on my way back to the desk. I had had a quarter of Buttons with Brilliant colours at lunchtime.  They were merely regurgitating, but running into each other. 

It was the best vomit ever. 

That's not going to happen with these. 

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