By dfb24


...Thursday, and thanks to Ingeborg for hosting. No theme today as it's the first Thursday of the month. 
I met two of my brothers and my sisters-in-law for breakfast this morning. We chose a spot sort of in the middle of us all, since we live in three different directions from each other. It was fun & we've decided we need to get together more often. On the drive home my tire pressure alarm went off again....this is the third time....so I called the garage where I normally take my car and they said to bring it over. They checked all the tires quite thoroughly but couldn't find a leak; all of them were a little low, so in the end they filled them all to where they should be & said to call them if the the pressure alarm goes off again. They didn't charge me for doing that, either, which was really nice of them. Having something done for free doesn't happen very often.   :)

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