By Teasel


TT was off to work today, so I had to get myself up and out for my walk in good time to get back and make sure that BB was up and ready to get to school in time for his exam.  He was very ready when I got back and headed off to school much earlier than normal.  Today was maths.  I had a very busy day at work and didn’t have time to worry about him and his exam, though at one point I did realise that one paper was over, with the next one due to begin.  He messaged me one they were over as he was going to a friend’s house.  They then went back to school for a study session, and he appeared back home later in the afternoon.
I had no time to go out for a walk today, but did eventually manage a quick walk around 6pm.  It was lovely and sunny and I think I missed a lovely day.  I came home, sorted tea, then finished clearing my in box while it was cooking.  We needed a couple of things, so later on I popped out while the boys were watching football.  BB was meant to be revising, but he spent most of the evening looking for new trainers and watching football!  But much later he did have his books out again.
My highlight of the day was getting wordle in two!  BB told me it was just luck.
I spotted this heron on the river tonight – another dusky blip.

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