Data Loss Disaster.

Today I spent time setting Pat’s iPad Pro up as a new iPad and restoring all of her apps and data from a Backup which had been made the day before the crisis occurred.

A Painting App started misbehaving and several years of paintings had disappeared.

I knew what I was doing. There is a section in the manual!

After about quarter of an hour setting the process in motion and negotiating all of Apples passwords and security codes I just had to wait for the restoration to complete. The process takes several hours.

The process has been successful. The files have been recovered and are where they should be.  Copies are being to an iCloud Folder.

Before opening the app to create or edit a file, I have made copies of all of the various files and copied them into a separate directory which will be stored in the cloud and elsewhere.

First time this problem has occurred in seventeen years of Apple iPhones and iPads

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