Life through the lens...

By ValC

The sister’s house

This house in Priestley Green, Near Halifax, (see map)has a beautiful cottage garden, and lovely wisteria.
A fitting end to my blips for National Garden Week.

A community of monks lived in this little hamlet in the Middle Ages, and this house dates from 1630.
Called after the legend of the Appleyard sisters who lived here.
It is said they wanted to build a church but couldn’t agree as to where. So they built one each, and built the house halfway between.

We passed through here on our walk from Judy Woods, Wyke, Bradford, up to Coley church, across the fields, through woods, over a waterfall and back to Norwood Green. 6 miles.
A perfect walking day. Not too hot, with some sunshine, making beautiful dappled shade in the woods.
We were joined by our youngest son and little dog, Rory.
The bluebells were still looking good, as well as the garlic. Bird song followed us all the way. We met a handful of people but mainly had it all to ourselves.
As we approached the waterfall we could hear children laughing. Having great fun playing at the bottom of the falls.

A walk enjoyed by us all especially Rory who fell asleep in the car on the way home.

I have put a few photos on as extras.

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