By NinjaShoe

Hatty 86th birthday

It was Dad's 86th birthday today.  We bought him a roll able foldable panama hat for taking on his travels and it looks rather good.  We had champagne in the garden and then lunch at the dog and duck which was plentiful and delicious.

Sarah had bought candles shaped in an '8' and a '6' and gave it to the restaurant to add to his pudding choice.  After Happy Birthday was duly sung, Julie told us that there had been some debate in the kitchen as to which way around the numbers should go!  Ha ha.

To top off a very happy day we also managed to speak to  Ben and Sophia, and Sophia is feeling much better, if still a little weak.  It didn't stop them swimming with (nurse) sharks yesterday though so fingers crossed having a fabulous time has been resumed.

Extra photo is lovely one of Dad and Jane.

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