By amandoAlentejo

Making Hay

A neighbour mowing the field across the Lane from our house, with a cutter bar mower, which were considered old fashioned when Mike was at agricultural college about a thousand years ago - but are still sold new here, and apparently do very well on the sort of sloping, rocky terrain we have.

So hot walking to church that decided to come home rather than go to the Adega; might change that routine to Saturday nights now it's suddenly summer... So, a quiet afternoon at home before a lovely time with the usual suspects at Sem Fim.

- the gentle seminarian who led church today (Padre António is in Brazil for the month)
- planning for Julie and Andy's visit here later this month
- I've recommended following Max from Ukraine (whose Blip is back up now), but for a more positive take, follow this Blipper, who somehow manages to find positives in the whole thing every. single. day, so uplifting

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