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By Sallymair

More tulips.

Here are the last of the pink mix of lidl tulips which I planted last year. There's lots more of them, but this shows all of the different varieties. They were a very good buy for£4.99.
Today was spent running around, I decided I needed my fingernails varnished so that they didn't feel outshone by my toes which were done last week. They are now bright, as Isobel put it - they change colour and go gold, grandma! Get me.
Cleo has gone on holiday much to her disgust and we go soon. Ali is staying here while we are away, so Pickle is staying put.
Katy and the girls popped in between the sessions of Monday evening gymnastics which have become a logistical nightmare for her as Eilidh already has a dance class! All was well until they changed the time and the venue from Broughton, 100m away, at 6.15 and 7.15pm, to Royal High 1.5 miles of heavy traffic away and 5.15 and 6.15pm!
I had an early bath last night (this is being written in the morning) at 8pm and fell asleep for 12 hours, clearly the drive had taken it out of me more than I realised. Ah well, I am now refreshed

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