By Orc2009

Little Tern

I visited the beach that has built up over about 75 years by the Churchill Barrier #4 between Burray and South Ronaldsay. Every year little terns nest there, the most northerly colony in the UK. In a way, its a pity that they've chosen a beach very popular with visitors and dog-walkers, given how many extremely quiet stretches of sand there are in Orkney (though its still quiet compared to southern beaches). There are signs up at breeding time- but all it takes is one person who doesn't care, one rampaging dog. This bird was a bit away from the breeding area (which was deserted today anyway) but it and another landed in front of me so I turned back. This bird is ringed but too far to read the ring. Also there- 6 knot (extra), ringed plovers, sanderlings, oystercatchers, great skua, great northern diver etc

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