Cowboys and Indians

Is anyone here a builder?  Anyone know anything about building methods?
I am not, but even I can spot the deliberate mistake.

We live in what used to be a select and quiet cul de sac. It is slowly but inexorably changing in character with a burgeoning trend towards big, and bigger houses. Anything that goes up for sale gets bought up and redeveloped.. most of the developments are implemented by..erm...less than sympathetic builders who feel every modern house has to be white rendered with grey windows and doors. Better still if they can build walls round the perimeter and have electronic gates, security lighting and cameras on every corner.

We currently have three huge developments ongoing with more in the pipeline. A bungalow at the end of our street is to be demolished (would have suited us perfectly) and a five bedroomed detached house with car park where the back garden used to be has been passed for development.

Planning rules seem to have gone out of the window, anything goes. Our quiet little road is becoming a living hell. 

The noise is getting us down. The mess is getting us down. The changing character of our home environment is getting us down. Our neighbours have submitted plans for a two storey extension to one side and rear of their house - as semi detached neighbours we fear the worst.

And as for the blip, the builders have built one wall as you can see. Nothing stopping it from falling down. They then plan to build the other walls front and back afterwards.. not sure how they intend to stick it all together...

Normal building practice is to build up from ground level on all sides so  that corners are integral to the structure. Ha!  not so apparently.

The house in question is already a five bedroomed detached. Soon to be a seven bedroomed detached. For a couple and their two children (??)

The original garage is still there by the way. Inside the rising monstrosity. In my day a garage would be demolished and removed before building work commenced. Not so apparently. Their immediate nighbours used to have a nice view of the street. Now all they see is a brick wall......

So my recent blips have looked at aspects of our modest and much loved home and garden. It will be a lasting reminder of what once was. For it is surely to be consigned to history in the not so distant future.

I dare say more updates will be blipped as time goes by.

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