By Viewpoint

In memory of my mum

Last summer, when Christine came to stay, she took away with her quite a bit of the wool and other kinds of fibres that I had up in the loft, to share out with her knitting circle.  These had all belonged to my mum who loved exploring different shops and markets to find both fabric and fibres.  She loved to sit and crochet as well as knit, so imagine my delight when Lyn passed on this crochet scarf at the beginning of our stay in Norfolk.  My mum would have loved it.  I can't think of a more fitting tribute to her.  It was actually made by Christine's friend. I love it too.

I drove back from Norfolk yesterday, a relatively straight forward drive compared to one that Lyn2 experienced when she drove back to the Wirrall.  Nevertheless I was very tired yesterday and didn't do much else, not even start my washing, which is my usual way of following up a trip.
Extra - outside Starbucks, somewhere on the A17 - heading west

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