By dogwithnobrain

You brought me fame and fortune

So today I was working, very hard, when I spotted a notification from Tooli!

‘here we go’

I did a quick look… her Volleyball team, the ‘Doha Heat’ we’re playing in the finals of the Ramadan League…

I did a wee search and I found a link to a live feed of her team playing. Amazing. Sent it to Himself and Gran…

And so it was my lunch was spent watching Tooli bounce around a beautiful volleyball court in Doha

They won the first set; they lost the second won the third with Tooli serving for 8 points, and I thought ‘yay they won’. But it was a five set game!

I stopped watching then because it was end of lunch,

Si text me the score. They were down four nil; 6-0, then clawed back. Then they were 15-8 down…. 20-12…. 20-15 ….. 20-18… 20-20… 20-21 …. 20-22. 21-22 21-23. 21-24……. 22-24 and then

22-25. They won 3 sets to 1!

Yay. Yay. Yay

Boy was also trying to watch whilst on a night bus along the amazon. Keeping himself amused by telling me of his friends sighting of the Blue Footed Boobie in the Galápagos Islands!

I tell you this….. I thought the Galápagos Islands were near Australia! I have no idea

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