By Tryfan46

At tbe summit of Bertha Peak, 8201 feet

Today was another "day of days" One of those great days of your life that you will remember for ever.

We woke to a slight covering of snow - such a suprise - but another brilliant blue sky and clear air. Today's trail was the Cougar Crest trail, up the opposite side of Big Bear Lake from yesterday's trail to Castle Rock.

The trail takes you up to join the Pacific Crest Trail which featured on 13th April. The trail board says it is only 2 miles and strenuous, but it was more than 2 miles to the trail end but an easy stroll up though forest and granite with ever expanding views as you gained altitude.

The trail head was gained with little hardship so we decided to press on along the Pacific Crest Trail to the summit of Bertha Peak and well worth the effort it was too. We walked about a mile of the PCT, making a total of 4 miles on this 2600 mile trail. Plenty left to do then.

A short steep ascent from the PCT took us to the summit of Bertha, which was festooned with electrical equipment for unknown purposes. Although generally very cold, it was sunny and sitting out of the wind, in the full sun eating lunch was a delight we did not want to end. But it had to and so we made our way back down to the car which was parked down at the lake.

Having time to spare we went back to the Woodland Trail and walked it the correct way around complete with trail guide, which was very informative and well worth a second go.

Sated with walking, views and wonder we called in at Von's again to collect supper and reflect on a truely superb day.

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