By Charente


I was going to take a photo of them yesterday when along came the snake, so Friday's flowers have become Saturday's flowers and a bit late in the day.
This morning was a bit slow, but I did do a bit of weeding, then at 12h00, we went out to check the route for next Wednesday’s rally.  The serious road works that we discovered early in the week appear to be finished, so we hope and pray that no more will occur before Wednesday but!!!!!!  The French and road works are very unpredictable.
We came home to a light lunch, then we both went back into the garden to do some weeding and later I did some watering.  The ground is a bit like concrete - so dry.   I had made no plans for dinner, so we decided to go out to the local pizza restaurant.  We have not eaten there since COVID raised its ugly head.  We discovered that their opening hours had changed, and we arrived 15 mins before opening time!  We decided to go and have a beer in the pub opposite while we waited.   A guy sitting at the bar was trying to tell us he did not understand us because he was English!  LOL we then changed to English for him, and he also found it quite funny.  Back to the Pizza restaurant and I ordered a Tartiflette pizza, not sure I would order it again, but it was a new experience!  Mr C had an oriental which he said was very good.  There is another pizza place quite close, I think maybe we should try it out one day.
I missed the new moon, but I tried a few shots tonight of the Waxing Gibbous moon tonight. It is not in a very good position, but I will check out the photos tomorrow.
I am very tired; I have had a few very restless nights so I think I am going to take a tablet tonight so I can try and catch up.  

I just wish I could do a ‘Bewitched’ and wriggle my nose to get rid of all the weeds, life would be so much easier. Some of you might not be old enough to know about Bewitched.  A TV programme about a human who was a witch, and she wriggled her nose to make things happen.  Her husband Darren was never happy when she took shortcuts :-))))
Happy weekend all you blippers, relax and keep safe.  Thank you so much for the comments for yesterday’s snake, also the stars and faves.  Bonne nuit,  I will try to catch up tomorrow, time never seems to be on my side.

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