By dogwithnobrain

Making your Mind Up

Eurovision night

I said two hours ago I was going to bed…

I’m still here.

We’ve been busy today; we had to go suit shopping for himself today …. That was stressing us …

But it was fine!

Then we bought some veg. Then we went to Dobbies….. Himself got a Dobbies Card so we were entitled to free coffee!

So we had coffee and contemplated a massive garden ornament for K’s wedding gift But we resisted and I bought a Bleeding Heart plant. I’ve so longed for one.

Then we visited the allotment and checked everything out. Then we did some shopping.

Then we did the garden - well I did the garden and Si did the painting.

I sewed six hanging baskets and planted them up .

Then we watched Ghostbusters Afterlife It was lovely. But I cried

I’m loving that Ukraine got 400 of public votes!


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