By Angelique


Came back from our holiday in Crantock and the garden has grown enormously in just one week.  This Verbena shrub has never looked so good.

Before we went away on the 6th May we had been enjoying the progress of the Blackbirds who were nesting in a Mahonia bush.  I knew the chick had hatched and I was happy to think that while we were away the parents could have free reign of the garden.

Sadly on our return the nest was empty and we found one partially fledged baby dead on the lavender bushes.  We will never know what happened but feel so sad for the parents after all that work.

It rained heavily in the night so we were pleased we did all our gardening jobs.  Mr A cut his lawns and I repotted a lovely Salvia Amstrad that I purchased in Truro.  Also the Cobeua seeds I had grown had filled the pots so they are now outside repotted in bigger pots. 

Watched Eurovision last evening and at last UK has been recognised.  Well done Sam Ryder for a splendid job.  Coming second to Ukraine was predicted with all the world on their side.

After our time down there in Cornwall we will not be moving back.  It was so cold in the wind and quite a frosty reception from some of the residents.  No thank you.

Sending love to anyone who needs a hug. xxxxx

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