By Jaxter46

Garage boys

Dull grey and wet greeted me this morning as I opened the blinds, so much for the garden I thought. I busied myself numbering my portfolio and trying to cross reference the work to the assessment sheet, wasn't happening I'm absolutley crap at doing stuff like this and SURELY it's the tutors job to do this. Anyway I've abandoned it.

Chanced going into the garden later in the morning and got stuck into the bamboo, the dogs had to stay indoors as I was using weedkiller.

What a tedious job, I had to cut each single strand of bamboo and immediatley paint the cut with weedkiller, you get 15 seconds to get the poison on before the sap retreats, I got to keep doing this each time a new shoot appears, eventually after months it WILL die.

A lesson learned

DONT BUY BAMBOO, espsecially not the running type

Also today cleaned all the solar lights and made sure the battery connections were good so will check later to see which ones arn't working. Mike has been making more alterations to his bike see winter project the next stage involves, new headlights, horn, indicators and mirrors.
Ellis got to sit on Pop's bike tonight and he loved it especially when it was started up.
Definatley going to be a biker, wonder what his mum will have to say about that.

Anyway thats Sunday, hope you've all had a good one

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