By dfb24

I wasn't the only one...

...at the beach this morning. What a gorgeous day--70, sunny and a great breeze off the lake. I just walked along taking photos as I went, and only passed a few people and their dogs. What a nice, relaxing morning! I apparently got a call from Mae's school while I was at the lake. I didn't recognize the number & the area code wasn't local so I didn't answer it. They tried me when they couldn't reach my daughter or son-in-law, as Mae has a rash on her face and one arm.....so odd. They did manage to reach my daughter by the time I realized they'd left a voice mail message. My daughter hasn't a clue where Mae got it as it wasn't there when she went to class this morning. Strange. Now the girls have been picked up from school & day care so they're heading over to the park for awhile, so I'll walk over and meet them there so I can get another work-out on my arms by pushing the swings!  :)

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