Looking at Interstate 5 from the Columbia Slough.

I've been wanting to walk to this bridge in Portland for a long time but never had a large enough load to get the approval to do so until today. From the truck I have seen many birds along this slough but with the tide in and no shoreline seen - no such luck today. A nice and easy day at work.

Since I was off early I was able to get several others things done too. Most importantly  the transmission fluid changed in my car. While waiting I noticed they had an app to allow you to make payments on car repairs with 60 days no interest. SO i had to ask - Does this work on an oil change or only major repairs? I got a laugh for that.. Depends on credit rating mostly but $200 or more was the answer... These days that's just an oil change, transmission change and a tire rotation... sigh..

Anyhow a typical Tuesday tomorrow..

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