By Chris_P

“When the Sun Shines!”

Another magically beautiful early morning run in the park this morning!

While peaceful and invigorating like yesterday’s, ‘Running in the Mist’ blip, today there was bright sunshine! The mist was gone, the droplet laden trees, the soft edges, the muted birdsong…..

The trees were greener than ever. The sun, still low in the sky, cast long shadows across the landscape. The sky was bright blue - not a cloud to be seen. And the birds were back, calling out brightly - as if celebrating the glorious change in the weather.

Today’s photo was taken at 7 o’clock this morning, and is my contribution to Wide Wednesday. It shows the view across Edinburgh’s New Town, with Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat on the horizon, and framed by the bright blue of the sky and the darker blue of the body of water that is Inverleith Pond.

I’ve also included as extras, this morning’s view of the Avenue at the entrance to the park, along with yesterday’s. There’s quite a difference!

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