Rather strange day today.  Started off when I took the power washer out of hibernation.  It needed some tender loving maintenance before it agreed to work as required.
Next we had a Morrison's delivery booked for 12..00 - 13.00.  At 13.05 the driver telephoned to say he couldn't make the delivery because he was out of time.  Nothing further other than to suggest I ring Customer Services!!  I did and it resulted in a 45 minute call (but I was entertained by the world's most irritating 'jingle' played over and over again). Eventually I got a 'promise' to redeliver our order tonight between 18.00 and 21.00 - but they couldn't give me a more specific time :-(
Then Mrs MD declared it would be a good opportunity to defrost the freezer - which we did.  This was so successful she decided we should do the 'fridge as well.  We did :-)
The oven light then refused to light.  I know from past experience this is a 'fiddle' to replace - tomorrow's job :-)
It's now 19.15 and no Morrisons as yet.
I thought one of Saltaire Brewery's delights may make the wait more acceptable.
Choices, choices :-)

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