By LornaLPodcast

Badges for the launch event

Blipmeet - Great Malvern, Worcestershire - Tuesday 24th May 2022 - please spread the word!

Today Bruce made badges for the project team members who will be at the podcast series launch event next Tuesday 24th May in Malvern.

Everyone with a badge is involved in either the Platform to platform (P2P) project, the Heritage organisations and podcast scoping study (HOPSS), or both. The research for P2P centres on the consumption of archive material (Lorna Lloyd's Diary of the war in the blipfoto journal LornaL) converted from textual to audio format. HOPSS is also concerned with archives and podcasting, but focuses on archivists as podcast producers (rather than the podcast audiences, as is the case for P2P).

Those coming to the launch event will meet:

1. Dr Bruce Ryan, Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Social Informatics, and project lead for both P2P and HOPSS.
2. David Graham, 3rd year undergraduate Sound Design student, and leader of the student team responsible for the production of the podcast series of Lorna Lloyd's Diary of the war.
3. Bethany Ray, the actor who plays her great-great aunt Lorna Lloyd in the podcast series.
4. Katherine Stephen, 3rd year PhD student in the Centre for Social Informatics, and the announcer for all the podcast episodes. (Katherine's PhD research is about metaskill development)
5. Marianne Wilson, 2nd year PhD student and part-time researcher on the HOPSS project. (Marianne's PhD research is about artificial intelligence and career decision making.)
6. Dr Hazel Hall, Professor of Social Informatics and Bruce's right hand person on the P2P and HOPSS projects.

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