Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


A very calm and relaxed day. Everything worked well, there were a few long queues here and there but we had plenty of time. Very nice to notice how friendly every single person we spoke to was, how responsive to a friendly comment. Very different social exchanges than is the norm in our part of Sweden! I chat to everyone, but sometimes it's like massaging a rather comatose character. I'm working on it.

We are now at nephew Nat's place with him and Katie relaxing after a very long day - we're speaking about their commute - an whole hour for Nat and  an even longer one for Katie. They cross London 5 times a week! In a few months they will be living in Leeds, both having got new jobs, which they seem thrilled about.

The blip is what I could see whilst waiting for Nat to collect us from the Railway pub, where we sat out in the sunshine. Lovely to be here, lovely that it worked well, lovely to have my travelling companion with me.

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