By dfb24


...at least I think it is. I bought a few of them and put them in a planter in the front of the house. I dug up more dandelions this morning that had somehow sprung up overnight in the back yard, then spent a couple of hours weeding the border before my back said "enough"!  I went inside and made breakfast then went back out & put "weed and feed" on the grass, though I don't know if it will help as it's looking pretty rough. The grass needs to be cut, but it says not to do that for two days after applying the weed and feed so I'll do that over the weekend. Then I noticed how dusty Tom's motorcycle was, as I neglected to put the cover back over it after Tom's brother came and put the charger on the battery. He's going to come back and take it out to see how it runs. Tom would have had a fit, as he kept it immaculate, so I wiped it all down, put the cover over it, and just started crying. Sometimes the sadness just comes out of nowhere. 

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