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By Pensioner

Inflation hits 9%

A day of spinning about, including a talk with the people at Charlotte Square. The financial markets are weighed down by rising inflation, the Ukraine war, prolonged supply chain problems, pandemic lockdowns in China and monetary policy tightening by central banks. European countries are beset by the same problems, prompting concerns about the global economy. They didn’t say that though, I read it in the Times. 
Later, the Diggers - first time in an age, and we were a bit split up as a group as there was a larger than usual crowd in there. The small matter of the Europa Cup Final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers. I thought Rangers were hugely disappointing, but all I really wanted was for them to go to extra time and knacker themselves. A few injuries too perhaps. To show how much I'm really grasping at straws here, I actually cheered them on in the hope that they’d have less to play for on Saturday…. unfortunately that didn’t work out that well. 

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