Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

London mark 2

OOOh we did a right lot of walking about today. And it rained really, really hard as well. I haven't experienced rain at all for many months so it was a bit novel. My new "waterproof" trainers with Gortex etc were slightly damp after three hours - I'll take that as an OK result as it really was very heavy rain. We walked to get a bus to take us to the rehearsal space where Keith's sister Caroline was putting the finishing touches to her latest production. The play is called "Off side!" and goes on tour in about a week, it was a great success last time it toured so hopefully it will be this time. All about the very early days of women's football.

Lovely to see Caroline, and to have lunch together, we'll meet again tomorrow which will be good. Otherwise, we wandered and observed and took photos. I have some lovely ones from the Crossbones graveyard where there are about 15000 bodies buried, children, poor souls, prostitutes and people of low status, the women were called Geese, in the graveyard memorial garden there were lots of different renditions of geese, and death heads. Interesting, but these truncated trees in the Inns of Court won the competition for blip of the day! So incredibly chopped back, but irrepressible, growth will out!

This evening we had fancy fish and chips down the local pub, as recommended by Nat and Katie. It was delicious, and well worth the effort involved - ie yet more walking on pavements, on rather tired feet. We are now home and watching tai chi films, since our hosts have expressed interest. How nice to have time to explore together!

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