By tondrijfhamer

Daan’s garden

Dana’s garden is slowly but surely becoming greener by the day.
Although it’s in desperate need of some rain. It’s been dry for almost 2 months now.

Every day Daan is watering by hand (from a ditch nearby) but that’s taking him over an hour every day. And the ditch is now filled with tadpoles. That makes filling up his watering can quite a challenge.

A quiet and relaxed day. Toby is completely back to normal after yesterdays events. And, more important: I organized our summerholiday. We're going to Denmark this summer. Sjaelland to be more specific. Daytrips to Copenhagen and maybe Malmö (Sweden) are likely to be made. After 3 years we finally can look forward to a real summer holiday with the four of us.

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