No, I haven't spelt his name incorrectly, it's with a 'z'. 
I accompanied him this morning to ride to Plymouth to lay a wreath at the Falklands memorial where his elder brothers name is on the list of those lost from HMS Ardent.
I didn't have a wreath but left a small model of a Vulcan bomber, they played a crucial role in the conflict with 7 missions being flown to bomb the runway and take out radar, and other ground installations, that were being used to guide the Argentinean aircraft onto targets.
Difficult to see the model but to the right of the monument there is a white blob. That is the double-sided tape I used to place it so it doesn't get blown over. 
Look up 'Black Buck Missions' if you don't know about them.
It was 320 miles, round trip, from Gloucester to Plymouth and back, I set off at 05:30 to meet up with him and we were on our way at 05:50, getting to Plymouth at 08:30.
Cup of coffee, visit to the public loo, wreath and Vulcan laying and we set off back to Gloucester.
After riding for a while, on the way back, I shot ahead of him. He thinking I was in a hurry. I was in a hurry, but to get to the services at Cullompton. A cup of coffee is fatal to me if I'm travelling, I had to get there before I wet myself! I caught up with him again and he headed off at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, to refuel. My bike will do 200 miles on a tank so I was ok and I refuelled at Gloucester before getting home.

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