By SofiaOlgaPh

Handfie With T


Spent time with T, we watched a couple of clips from Young Sheldon that we accidentally stumbled upon.

Funniest lines I heard from him yesterday:

P(i)a: May I hug you?
T: No!
P: Why? What's your emotion?/
What are you feeling? Angry? Sad? Disappointed?
T: Annoyed.
P: Why?
T: Because you're annoying!
P: (*Laughter + Happy baby pose*)
*He does not like it when I laugh out loud but sometimes I just can't help it whenever he reminds me of how I was when I was his age.
*T: It's just that you talk too much at times.
P: Of course, am human. Words are sometimes used to communicate more effectively. What do you want me to say, meow, meow, meow?***

Have a good one!

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