By dfb24

Make a Wish...

Mae asked if she could stay overnight last night, which she did, and this morning I had some errands to run. I pulled the car out of the garage so I could load up a large garbage can (that I use for yard debris, & it was full to the brim), so I just tossed my keys in the cup holder while I did that. Then Mae climbed in, and we went to the UPS Store first, as I had something to send to my older step-daughter & I wanted UPS to pack it up and ship it to her. After that was done, we went out to the car and I'm frantically looking in my purse for my car keys when I remembered I'd tossed them in the cup holder.....inside the car....which I'd locked when we went into the store. I called my daughter but it went to voicemail, so I called my son-in-law. He doesn't speak a lot of English so I told Mae to ask him to put my daughter on the phone. But apparently Mae thought she knew better, and was telling her dad that it was an emergency & Grandma needed help, so he thought we'd been in a car accident or that I'd fallen & hurt myself. He called to my daughter and told her there was "an emergency with your mother", so she frantically grabbed the phone to see what was wrong. I had to wrestle the phone away from the 6 y.o. (who was trying to explain, in great detail, to her mom what our emergency was) so that I could say we were both fine & that I'd just locked my keys in the car. She drove to my house, got the spare set and brought them over. While we waited we passed the time playing "I spy", then "Simon Says", and then "Make a wish". My daughter offered to take Mae home with her but Mae said she was helping me so was staying with me. Then we went to the recycling center to empty the weeds, etc. from the garbage container. My "helper" jumped from the car so she could help me with it & as I tipped it toward me to clear the top of the car & get it out, she reached up and took the cover off of it, so the top quarter of wet, smelly weeds and leaves fell onto my jacket!  She said she was really sorry--that she was just trying to help--but then she started to laugh & told me I was a mess. No fooling! I had to go home and change jackets before we could go pick up a few things at the grocery store. As we walked through the store, she saw a bunch of packages of Sun Chips, so grabbed a bag and asked if we could get them. When she pulled the bag off the shelf she knocked another 4 bags onto the floor. She quickly picked them up and told me it was a good thing that I had her with me, or else I'd have had to pick them all up by myself......??????  I said if I didn't have her with me none of them would have fallen onto the floor in the first place, & she told me I was really funny. By the time her mom came and picked her up, I was exhausted from being "helped" so much today! Lol. 

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