Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

Day of Fun!

Rich & I met up with Ma today as she wanted to give us our anniversary gifts. It's not our anniversary until next Saturday, but Ma & I are actually off out to a three-times-rescheduled concert on the day and neither of us wanted to carry the pressies around the Resorts World Arena! Anyhoo, it was a very lovely afternoon of delicious pizza (burger pizza for me, with a side of pickle-topped tater tots), a couple of beers, a whisky cocktail to celebrate World Whisky Day, and catching up. I've really missed spending quality time with Ma over the whole COVID situation so it's nice to get to do that again. We went our separate ways at about 5:15pm as Rich & I went to see Everything Everywhere All At Once, which was absolutely amazing! Back home now, utterly cream-crackered after a busy few days, settling in for Jackass 4.5, and a day of doing absolutely diddly squat tomorrow!

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