Dino eggs at Punt van Reide

Together with Ron and Peter, I spent my Saturday evening outside, on the Punt van Reide. A real sunset shoot, that's been a while.

When we arrived there was no colour at all, the sun was blocked by thick clouds. Why are we here?? But looking at the direction the clouds were moving in and the position of the sun, we roughly calculated that there might be some good light about 30 minutes before sunset, around 21.00 hours.

We took our positions, and believe it or not, just a few minutes after 21.00 the sun came below the clouds for a while. Game on.
I chose these rocks as my point of interest.

The light faded rather quickly and we didn't see the sun again. Only the clouds above us lit up in pink and purple tones during the blue hour period, but I didn't take any photos of that, that are worth showing.

A nice way to end a saturday.
Thanks Ron, thanks Peter for joining!

Why the square format? I just might put this one on Instagram. That's why.

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