By TheOttawacker

Apolydor Apocalypse now

A warm and sunny Saturday turned, with very little notice (at least very little notice for those not glued to social media) into the opening scene ofThe Wizard of Oz

Welcome to what will happen everywhere if we don't get climate change under control. In the space of 3 minutes, there were sustained wind gusts of around 120 km/h; hail; driving torrential rain; lightning strikes; flying debris... etc. etc. You get the picture.

Anyway, apart from signalling the end of the fence (hallelujah), our house escaped unscathed (the odd shingle missing, but nothing else). We live on a hill. The road rapidly goes down into a valley - and within 100m of where we are is the receptacle for the rain: casa friends' of ours... 

The water was up to the waste in front of the garage and so before you knew it, there was a group of neighbours with buckets emptying the driveway and pouring the excess into the sewer system. Oh, my back.

Anyway, that is what insurance is for - and we managed to keep our power on unlike some in the city. 

Better get used to it...

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