Ingunn in Oslo

By IngunnInOslo

Lula Goce mural in Brussels, Belgium

Back in Brussels after 2,5 year!  It's strange and wonderful to be able to travel again :-)

And great to find new pearls in the city, like this mural from 2021 by the fabulous Spanish artist Lula Gone.  The mural i's called "The Alchemist" and the beautiful woman is a metaphor of Mother Nature taking care of the environment and the animals. She is also watching us reminding us of our responsibility to save the planet. The mural is a part of the 50 Ecosystem restoration murals that will be painted all over the globe. 

The project is inspired by the global conversation initiated by the UN at the 75th anniversary in 2020. 1.5 million people spoke out about the issues that matter most to them. Protection of the environment came out as the number one long-term priority.

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