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Woodbridge is on a tidal river and the place is full of boats. The main shows a truly beautiful hand made boat, seen on the river-side as we wandered along in the sunshine. The extra shows the beginnings of the replica viking longboat - a marvellous effort being made from green oak and using many different sorts of wood for different purposes. We saw an exhibition and really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the volunteers on duty there. 

The weather has been summery and it lured us outside for our breakfast shreddies. This garden is lovely, with many different areas to sit in, hoards of plants to enjoy, some big bushes and even a tree or three. We worked out that our hosts have lived here about 12 years, and I think they have done wonders!

So lovely to have time to speak with Kathryn and Julian and catch up on the important things in their lives, there are always so many events we know nothing of - things you might not mention on WhatsApp. We've had a lovely day of walking, and sitting, talking and in my case a little lie down due to the heat getting to me! It doesn't take much to make me feel overheated... but I'm not complaining, it's so brilliant to be here in this explosion of flowers and greenery.

We have had a barbecue this evening as it's the best day of our stay, weather-wise. Rain is on the way... Julie and Alan came round for food and conversation, it was good to see them too - old friends of the family. Keith and I lived here for 18 months so we have friends here, in fact it's the only place in the UK where we have ever lived together. It's the only place we visit where I might bump into people I know, which is really nice when it happens!

The footy was fairly central to the family today, with a lot of dashing from the kitchen to the telly and back. I am not a sports-interested person, so I did a bit of crochet, everyone to their own. We had a tour of their camper van which was interestingly different to ours although a very similar size and type, they have a proper cooker for a start! It's a much older van, but the clever use of space is the same, there is something so satisfying about how smartly organised a little confined space can be.

So far I'd say our visit is showing how noisy social exchanges can be as compared to my Swedish life, and how much laughter there is - as well as serious conversation, for example about two very different political/democratic systems. I love having two cultures, and observing similarities and differences, and pondering the whys. Curious! Must go, the 10 o'clock news is on - first time I've seen a TV news since 2019 when I was in the UK last time. I never watch the TV news at home, I'm a radio girl!

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