By juliebee

Way In

Not a very original blip, I'm afraid, but Thursday was all about the shambolic election. I got to the polling place about 9pm to vote, only to find they'd crossed my name off when my sister voted in the morning! Luckily they saw the error of their ways and I was allowed to vote. I'd studied the instructions but still stupidly marked a cross where I should've numbered my ballot, but realised immediately and got another paper. Seems a helluva lot of people didn't spot their own mistakes cos the whole event turned into a shambles.

After voting I headed off to one of the count centres to note the results and feed them back to work. The ridiculous stories coming in during the night were the only thing keeping our wee press pack entertained (my favourite stories were the folk who had to sellotape ballot papers together in Edinburgh, and the fact Justin Timberlake was playing yards away from the Glasgow count). We struggled to stay awake so when the constituency results came in we enjoyed the flurry of activity, even if it was much later than anticipated. Then we were told it'd be over an hour for the final list results. Great. At 5.15am suspended counts freed me from the chaos and I crawled into bed at 6am.

I suppose this is really a tale for Friday's blip, rather than Thursday, but I'm sleep deprived and won't tolerate any discussion ;)

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