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Last night Pierre the peacock roosted on our roof. He has been about but not on our roof for a few weeks. Percy his friend was no where to be seen. From about 9 pm last night until 10 am this morning he has been calling. While he is on our roof and we can hear him it's not that bad - I gather others can hear him a lot more.

After breakfast I went out side to take a few pictures of him in the morning sun. This blip was taken with him standing on a brick pier at the end of the fence line. Sometimes he looks like a Gothic grotesque on a building... Behind him across the street is a white house, and with a shallow depth of field and some tinkering in GIMP I've been able to get a neat head shot of him.

A few minutes after I took this picture Percy turned up and the two are now by the side of the house and silent now they are together. I think they are begging for food from the neighbours...

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