When the going gets weird

By Slybacon

See Youse!

Tonight I went to my first Blip function. Oh. My. God. It was the launch of the "See Us" exhibition at the Creative Scotland offices. They'd been kind enough to select one of mine so I thought it only polite to take a look.

They had free food and a band and stuff. FREE FOOD. Granted it was miniature food that would have thrown Spinal Tap into fits of rage, but hey, it was free!

I had invited Slybacon Senior and Maw Slybacon along (note Sly Maw continuing her tradition of not really appearing in my blipblog). This was a cunning two prong strategy. Firstly, I had the rare chance to pretend that I'm not actually a total failure as a human being (HEY, MUM, DAD LOOK, I CAN TAKE PHOTO-MAGRAMS) and secondly, I had someone to talk to so I didn't have to stand about looking awkward.

Gordon from Blip came over and introduced himself, hello Gordon! Nice to have made your acquaintance after speaking via emails!

The band playing was odd. The singer appeared to have dressed for taking part in an episode of One Man and His Dog. Yet, no dog in sight.

Clearly with so many Blippers in one place, I couldn't miss the opportunity to start a massive conga line, which I led all around the old GPO building in celebration of a great exhibition*.

The Scorecard:
Free Beers Consumed 2
Canapés Munched 16
Bloody hand injuries caused by ineffectual bottle openers 1
Fits of Camera Envy 5
Books Procured 3
Books signed 1

*this perhaps is a massive lie, the whole conga line bit at least, not the exhibition being great.

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