Keith B

By keibr

Tide Mill and Vikings

Woodbridge is well-known for many things but this picture features one of them, and a connection with a second.
The main picture is of the Tide Mill. This mill has used the power of the incoming and outgoing tide to grind corn for the last 850 years. You can buy wholemeal flour, ground in the tide mill, in the local co-op.
The dark boat in the foreground is connected to the nearby Sutton Hoo burial mounds. It is a small scale replica of the original boat used in the burial. Just behind me is a boatshed where a full-sized replica of the boat is being built. It is 27 metres long and 4,4 metres wide and when completed it will used to test ideas about the sea-going qualitities of the original.
We spent a lot of time in the boat shed, learning about the use of green oak, how wooden rivets worked, and about life in AngloSaxon East Anglia.
Perhaps fittingly after considering Sutton Hoo we spent the evening at the cinema seeing "The Northman", a bloody revenge saga film which got excellent reviews from many critics. It was a very dark film, but also it was very absorbing. It ended in true Viking Saga fashion!

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