By seizetheday

Flash Company

Up early and in to Richmond for breakfast, at a very nice café overlooking the square . Very handy for spotting Morris dancers too - as we finished eating MrM saw our friend C, and we went across to watch the dancing.

A very pleasant day spent watching Morris dancing, and exploring the town in between the dance sets. Flash Company are no ordinary Morris side - they perform Border, Molly and Appalachian to modern music, including blues, jazz and rock & roll. In the Blip, they're finishing an Appalachian dance with a flourish!

Later in the afternoon, a short drive around the surrounding countryside. We stopped off by the River Swale where MrM is hoping to go fishing some time. By the water's edge, thousands of tadpoles (extra). Back in to Richmond to book in to our B&B, and then in to town for a meal at a French restaurant. Afterwards a walk as far as the old station - some good views Richmond Castle (extra) on the way. Not far back to the B&B, but after a substantial meal and wine the hill felt like Everest!

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