By Daystarimages


Just looking at this photograph of a wooden design that keeps the hot stuff off the table surface, it is, in the natural design with a purpose.
Since I am so very keenly aware of the Creator of all there is, my mind just naturally goes to the creation of all that we see and realize it is design with a purpose.
We, the people, the inhabitants on this planet are quite uniquely designed as well and in some six thousand years haven't changed much physically. (I am afraid I do not buy Darwin's theory) I am absolutely convinced that there is a purpose in our design and eventually it is to have an intimate relationship with our Creator.
If you are one who follows my thoughts and photos, you will soon find that God is not far removed from my thinking. There is very little in this cosmos that does not trigger some relationship to this awesome super intelligence.
Enough said for today except that it is good to be back with the blip family.

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