In An Instant

By MrRosewarne

'Another Backyard Blip'

Yes, another kangaroo with her joey in her pouch.

Spotted a few roos through the back fence early this morning. Forgot to change the lens on the camera so had to made do with a heavily cropped shot here as there is a wire fence between them and me that I didn't get a chance to climb over before she hopped away.

We also had a very nice yum cha lunch for my brother in laws birthday today. Both of the kids ate very well, except we couldn't convince them to try the chicken feet (actually me neither).

The next door neighbour Kathy came over to see me while I was doing some work in the garden this morning with some very sad news about her husband Alan. He's been battling cancer for the last 12 months, and the prognosis doesn't look good now as it's spread into his bones. She came to invite us over to to have a chat with Alan whenever we feel like it as a distraction for him from his daily routines. Mrs R has said that she will some bees to be kept on their property as a joint venture. At the moment he's spending more time in hospital than at home, but I look forward to catching up with him as I haven't seen him out in his garden for quite some time now.

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