By TheOttawacker

Power-line power play

Still struggling with stiffness from the day before, I accompanied Ottawacker Jr. to his weekly match. This time it was against the might of Nepean Hotspurs and the Internationals won 2-1. 

It was actually a proper game of football on a rainy night under the powerlines. The only thing missing was a factory belching smoke. Ottawacker Jr. had his best game in a while: goalkeeper for the first half (the goal was a deflection he could do nothing about) and he was quite dominant for the second half. It's interesting to see him develop and I think a lot of his game is based on confidence. He was full of it last night - his was the only voice heard on the pitch and he is the youngest by close to a year - and it seems errors don't faze him much. I've said this before, but I have no idea where this confidence comes from.

Other than that, a rainy, grey day, where I failed to do much of any constructive value at all. Any more of this and I will have to start writing.

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