wander, stumble, wonder

By imo_weg


So. Many. Words.

I'd been to Blickling Hall a couple of times, to see the outside, but hadn't ever been inside - it's never cheap to visit NT properties without a membership. So when they put on a weekend of free entry and I was invited to join an informal outing with some friends I jumped at the chance. The weather was as perfect as April weather can get - completely clear blue skies, warm-ish, not windy, generally delicious. We took a picnic, explored the house, played croquet, wandered through the grounds, and just had a fantastic afternoon. It's a grand old place, with creaky floorboards and long corridors, and hasn't had its heart ripped out by modernity like some old houses. I was expecting it to be busy, but it was just full of a gentle bustle, not chaos. That said, I can't imagine the National Trust ever tolerating chaos.

The day out ended (as all good NT trips should) in the second hand bookshop, where I bought a 1950s translation of Les Miserablés.

In the evening I went to some other friends' for a BBQ, where we ate good food, chatted, hung out and just had a good time.

I like Saturdays like this.

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