By Kentboy


I started the day with ambitions.  Macro insects was one of these.  I photographed the internals of a clematis flower when I noticed a 'dead' bee inside as well.  It wasn't dead but exhausted.  I fed it with a sugary solution on the end of a Q-tip before moving it to a flat surface and dropped more of that solution, feeding happily.  I got close enough to see its proboscis, but not clear enough to share.  Plan A went out of the window.  This post is Plan B.  You have seen the dandelion head and ash try before, but I decided to put the seed head as if it was falling into the ash tray.  The lighting on the seed head is from a side-wards placed light and the light is natural on the ashtray.  I chose to use Photoshop to help me!  Better luck tomorrow, I hope. Thanks.

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