By pandammonium

A wee nip o’ cat

There is life in my plants. Some of this life is even wanted.

Sweet peas

Two of the sweet peas I sowed have started to poke their way out of the soil. Only four to go.


The three little pots of catnip have responded in different ways. The first catnip seedling has got some real leaves (see photo). The second seed I sowed in the barren pot has grown itself some seed leaves. The indeterminate one is still indeterminate.

I put the little cardboard pots into a bamboo-and-rice pot and tucked compost round them. I filled two of the little pots up with compost up to just below the seedling leaves (I think it was Monty Don who said to do that, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it). I put another seed or two in the indeterminate pot and didn’t fill it with compost. I hope it transforms from indeterminate to germinated.

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