The Final Munro or Munroist 282

We had been waiting since 8 May for a combination of little wind and high pressure to go up Ben Alder, our final Munro. We drove up to near Dalwhinnie on Friday to stay for the night and met up with A and R and R’s boyfriend, P.  We cycled down Loch Ericht reasonably early and then up to near Culra Bothy where we left the bikes. We went up the Long Leachas ridge and then off round the coire headwall to the summit. The weather was great, sunny with little humidity and a slight breeze to stop it being too hot. A and R had brought indoor fireworks and sparklers that we put into Pork Pies to keep them upright before lighting them. We had a wee nip of Talisker to celebrate our compleation of anything that has ever been in any addition of Munros Tables. In addition I have seen the view from them all which is one reason it has taken more than 50 years. The blip is the view from the summit cairn looking west towards Ben Nevis and the extra a collage of views through the day. Starting at the top Ben Alder on the cycle in, then across the middle, the Long Leachas, the fireworks and sparklers on the top, the view as we went towards Beinn Bheoil and finally Ben Alder in the evening from near where we left the bikes. The Munroist 282 is a because we won't be registering our compleation with the SMC so count as number 282, the unknown Munroist. Most of our friends have done the same.
Best on black.
Today’s entry on the Abstract Fiesta journal is King Cups.

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