One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Passionate about the aul pasta

It's a father/daughter team work. And it is totally worth the effort! Thanks again Nana. Sinced it arrived two weeks ago, that pasta machine has churned several kilos of delicious homemade lasagna, tagliatelle and tonight for the first time spaghetti. A good portion of these kilos are now secured around my waste, as thermal protection for these increasingly long sea swims. 

Last night Mimi and I watched You're Not My Mother on Netflix. It's a microbudget Irish (not British, Netflix!) feature film that has garnered a decent following, based on word to mouth. Mrs Raheny's cousin did the production design, and what a fantastic job she did. The bleak interior really contributed to the overall feeling of malaise that permeates the movie. Mimi saw 70% of it. For the other 30% she was hiding behind her knees. 

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