I decided to go a bit earlier to The Community Fridge today and when I walked in, Heather, one of the organisers, said she had a good job for me!  It turned out to be not just a good job, but a really good job - sorting out the iceberg lettuces and chopping off all the grotty stuff i.e. the nasty outside leaves, so that although they looked past their best at the start, once I had finished with them, and put them into a nice blue crate, they looked very good - as you can see by the bottom photograph.  I was pleased to see at the end of the morning that there were only about 6 left and there had been about 30 in the crate. 

All the time I was doing it, I was thanking God for “really good jobs” and with the help of Diane and Hilary, we soon sorted things out and enjoyed one another’s company at the same time.

We were quite short of volunteers today, which was a shame as it was the 1st Birthday of the Community Fridge, but those who came seemed to enjoy the party atmosphere and there were lots of balloons handed out to various children who had come with their mothers. 

One of the great things about the Community Fridge is that in its first year, it has saved 30 tonnes of food - about 1 tonne per week - from being put into landfill.  Throughout the year, 12,000 customers have come through the doors - which is about 120 each day that the CF is open, which is great.  As I have said before, many who come for the free food also come into the café for a cup of filter coffee and a cake for only 50p and it’s good to be able to chat to them.  I am getting to know more people and can even remember their names, which I think is so important.  

I spent a large part of my morning chatting in the café - and even managed to help someone with sorting out some legal stuff - so my training as a legal secretary hasn’t gone to waste, even though I am retired.  It’s a great feeling knowing you have helped someone and made them smile and one lady, who is a regular, remembered my name too, so that brought a smile to my face! :-)  

So, Happy Birthday, Community Fridge - I hope there are many more - and a special “shout-out” to all the volunteers, who help in any way - you are doing a great job!

“The greatest healing therapy 
     is friendship and love.” 
Hubert H. Humphrey

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind comments for yesterday’s “almost derelict” diving board - and to answer one of the questions, yes, it is is being refurbished, but will not be used for its original purpose, because swimming is still banned in the lake.

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