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Maybe Anarchist Street Art

Rabbi Ariel sent me a message this morning: building at NE Broadway and NE 33rd is about to be demolished. Could I go make photos of the street art on the building so it won't be lost? I love an assignment.

I found this beautiful profile with hair that becomes (possibly) a hijab in (possibly) anarchist black and red. Extras are a detail and a closer shot with a person and a car, for scale. I can't be sure it is Anarchist Art, but I suspect that it is.

Watched a superb film called Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom, for which I have TMLHereAndThere to thank, yet again. The director of the film is a Buddhist from Bhutan, and the film very gently and subtly expresses our interconnectedness and the value of OFFERING. I'm really moved by this idea. I have been wondering what ritual, what observance I wanted for the anniversary of Palesa's death. It comes to me now that I want to make an offering--perhaps many offerings, offerings for all those we have loved and lost, offerings like a song.

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